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"The site is designed to help anyone seeking to know more about the life, works, ideas, or impact of the influential Prussian soldier and strategic theorist Carl von Clausewitz (1780-1831)." "The site includes images, links, bibliographies in several languages, on-line bookstores, articles and other readings (including academic papers, military manuals, and complete books), as well as indexes to Clausewitz's On War. The items listed under "readings" are mostly recent, mostly scholarly studies, plus other items of importance or interest. The latter include some older items, such as Jomini's 1838 essay on military theory and a 1909 critique of the Clausewitzian naval theorist Julian Stafford Corbett by the equally Clausewitzian military critic Spenser Wilkinson. The reader will also find the eventually-to-be-complete text of Clausewitz's 1832 On War (in an older, obsolescent translation), the full original German edition (Vom Kriege), his 1812 Principles of War in the 1942 English translation, and at some point we will post his study of The Campaign of 1812 in Russia (an 1843 translation)."




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