Civic Heraldry of England and Wales

Civic Heraldry of England and Wales


Young, Robert

These pages contain information about the coats of arms of local authorities in England and Wales both contemporary and obsolete. Each county will eventually have two entries, one containing information on the heraldry of current local authorities (county, borough, district and town councils) and the other concerning obsolete authorities (county borough, urban and rural district councils). In the case of Wales there are three sections, pre 1974, 1974-1996 and current (post 1996). Over the years borders have moved, new counties created and old ones abolished, all obsolete councils are listed under the county they were in at the time of abolition. Where possible the blazon given is official i.e. as is given on the letters patent, however in some cases I have had to blazon arms myself, these are marked with an asterisk.



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